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I know the process of getting a website created can feel daunting. Let me take the pressure off of you and deliver you a fantastic website!

- Kikey Castillo



For many years I straddled the worlds between the creative field of being an Actress and also working in the Tech Industry as my “day job”. I found that when doing both I felt both creatively and intellectually satisfied but when I had the good fortune to work as an actress full-time, I missed my logical business brain and working in the Tech Industry. Building my own acting website opened my eyes to the fact that not only was I a natural at it but it also creatively stimulated me; which is a “Win Win” for both my intellectual techie and my artistically creative self.

Current Website Trends

In today’s world led by social media it has completely re-wired how our brains want to receive information. Long gone are the days of lots of text and busy pages, particularly to websites. Nowadays, pictures are king! Take Instagram for instance. Successful websites that drive the most traffic are the always the ones that have just enough pictures and text, are visually clean and easy to navigate. This style is my specialty and I build sites with this thought in mind.